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We are a group of fans of Who Wants To Be A Millioanire. We are trying to capture as many answers as possible to have the biggest database available.

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The answers are easily found here and we offer easy search for all the tags and categories of the game. If you haven't found the answer, try googling with the question with `site:millionairedb.com`. Some of the game introduction includes: With 15 inquiries to reply, it will get increasingly hard to build the prize asset: more than 3,000 themed questions standing by to be replied (geographic, science, history, yet in addition amusement or expressions), a developing trouble and the pressing factor from the crowd and the host, 6 famous nations are addressed in the game, each with its own set and with a clump of 2,000 committed inquiries: the United Kingdom, the USA, Spain, Italy, France and Germany! The game offers a total multiplayer experience with different and concealed game modes: - "Family mode": has been uniquely made with kids custom fitted inquiries included, for the players to play as a family regardless of how old they are. - "Helpful" mode: collaborate with up to 3 different players and offer the correct response together. - "Alternating" mode: contend with up to 9 different parts in LAN by sharing the regulator!