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  • As used on the Internet, what does the 'M' stand for in the abbreviation H T M L?
  • By what abbreviation is a compact disc commonly known?
  • Co. is typically the abbreviation for which word?
  • Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane is better known by what abbreviation?
  • For what does the banking abbreviation A/C stand?
  • For what does the letter I stand in the email abbreviation FYI?
  • In connection with radio what does the M stand for in the abbreviation FM?
  • In economics, what does the 'D' stand for in the abbreviation GDP?
  • In the abbreviation AGM for a special meeting, what does the 'G'
  • In the context of radio waves what is the 'U' in the abbreviation UHF?
  • Normally following a company's name is what abbreviation for 'limited'?
  • The banking abbreviation ATM stands for 'Automatic what Machine'?
  • The sales abbreviation ONO stands for 'or what offer'?
  • The transport abbreviation VFT relates to which of these?
  • What does the abbreviation 'BTW' mean when used in an email?
  • What does the 'T' stand for in the abbreviation TUC?
  • What is the abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy?
  • What is the postal abbreviation for the US state of Minnesota?
  • Which abbreviation is a measure of someone's intelligence?
  • Which abbreviation is a soldier in the US army?
  • Which is represented by the abbreviation MS?
  • Which of these elements is represented in the cutlery abbreviation EPNS?
  • Which of these is a common abbreviation of 'Christmas'?
  • Which of these is a recognized abbreviation for an island off the coast of mainland Britain?
  • Which of these is not a recognized abbreviation for a university degree?
  • Which of these is the abbreviation of a non-invasive diagnostic technique?
  • Which word is not represented in the common abbreviation for a written acknowledgement of debt?

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