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  • A top-selling car in Australia is the Holden what?
  • About 60% of Australia’s population is located in which corner of the country?
  • An American TV reality show set in Australia is 'Outback who'?
  • Auckland is the largest city of which of Australia's neighbours?
  • Australia competes against which country for rugby union's Bledisloe Cup?
  • Australia entered the Vietnam War in which decade?
  • Australia's highly venomous box jellyfish is also called the sea what?
  • Australia's largest reptile is a species of which animal?
  • Australia's Liesel Jones is a champion at which swim stroke?
  • Australia's Lisa Curry was a champion in which sport?
  • Australia’s two species of crocodile are the fresh water and the estuarine otherwise known as the what?
  • In 1840, which explorer first sighted Australia's largest lake?
  • In 1888, which became the first country town in Australia to use electricity for street lighting?
  • In 1933, which state voted to secede from Australia?
  • In 2003, as what did Prince Harry work in his first three months in Australia?
  • In Australia and New Zealand, which boy's name means 'satisfactory'?
  • In Australia, July is part of which season?
  • In Australia, which word do we shorten to 'hols'?
  • Sir Earle Page was briefly prime minister of Australia in which decade of last century?
  • The Commonwealth of Australia comprises six states and how many territories?
  • The Miles Franklin Award is given annually in Australia for excellence in which field?
  • What is Australia's southernmost state?
  • What is the International Direct Dial country code for Australia?
  • What is the telephone area code for Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory?
  • What is the title of the British monarch's representative in Australia?
  • What was the first name of Australia's first prime minister, Barton?
  • Which of Australia's neighbours lies across the Tasman Sea?
  • Which of these is a method of paying bills in Australia via phone or Internet?
  • Which of these is located off the coast of Queensland Australia?
  • Which stretch of water separates Tasmania from mainland Australia?
  • Which town in South Australia takes its name from an Aboriginal throwing stick?
  • Which US yacht defeated Australia's challenger 'Gretel' 4-1 in the 1962 America's Cup?
  • Who became Australia's prime minister in 1996?
  • Who is Australia's longest-serving Liberal prime minister?
  • Who was Australia's first Olympic champion, in 1896?

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