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  • According to the saying, which of these is 'a dish best served cold'?
  • Best friends and roommates named Truman and Adler returned to NBC on what 2018 reboot?
  • Comis artist Steve Ditko who died in July 2018 was best known as the co-creator with Stan Lee of which Marvel suuperhero?
  • For which film did Mira Sorvino win the 1995 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress?
  • For which of these is the company La-Z-Boy best known for manufacturing?
  • How is the music of the band Metallica best described?
  • How many Best Actor Oscars did Marlon Brando win?
  • In 2018 for the second year in a row U.S. News & World Report named what state capital the best place to live in the U.S.?
  • In the novel by Charles Dickens, who became Oliver Twist's best friend?
  • One of the best-known of Aesop's Fables is 'The Wolf in whose Clothing'?
  • Robert Burns is Scotland’s best loved what?
  • Russian-born American Igor Sikorsky is best known for which development?
  • Ruth Cracknell was best known for her lead role in which Australian TV series?
  • The nominees list for the 2010 Best Picture Oscar was expanded from five to what number?
  • Which 1969 film won the Best Picture Oscar?
  • Which adjective best describes someone who feels great guilt?
  • Which Fame Monster track won the 2010 Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Grammy for Lady Gaga?
  • Which noun best describes a person intolerant towards those who think differently?
  • Which of the following words best describes Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra?
  • Which of these adjectives best describes a miser?
  • Which of these cardinal directions appears in the title of a Best Picture Oscar winner?
  • Which of these expressions means old and past one’s best?
  • Which of these films won the Best Picture Oscar?
  • Which of these is best known as a Japanese war cry?
  • Which of these women did not receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination in 2004?
  • Which of these won the 2004 Best British Film BAFTA?
  • Who won the 2003 Best Actor Oscar?
  • Who won the 2003 MTV Video award for best pop video?
  • Who would make best use of a Moog synthesiser?

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