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  • A person born within the sound of Bow Bells in London is known as what?
  • Actor Peter Lorre, seen in 'Casablanca', was born within the former borders of which country?
  • Australian-born composer Percy Grainger is also famous for his virtuosity with which instrument?
  • Born in 1758, American Noah Webster won fame for his what?
  • Born in 1956, Bjorn Borg was a champion in which sport?
  • By what title is the Tibet-born Tenzin Gyatso better known?
  • Hollywood star Greta Garbo was born in which country?
  • In a quote attributed to P T Barnum, one what is born every minute?
  • In which century was Sir Isaac Newton born?
  • In which country was Arnold Schwarzenegger born?
  • In which country was the explorer John Cabot born?
  • Norwood is the surname of which US R&B singer born in 1979?
  • On which day was the Scottish poet Robert Burns born?
  • Pop star Shakira was born in which country?
  • Russian-born American Igor Sikorsky is best known for which development?
  • Singer Buddy Holly was born in which city in Texas?
  • What did Sharleen Spiteri of the band Texas name her new-born daughter in 2002?
  • What is the name of actress Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter born in 2004?
  • What is the nationality of a person born and brought up in Puerto Rico?
  • Where was great 20th-century composer Aram Khachaturian born?
  • Which Hollywood swashbuckler was born in Tasmania in 1909?
  • Which Jimmy, born in Jamaica in 1948, became a reggae star?
  • Which Kennedy is a British violinist born in 1956?
  • Which member of the Royal Family was born in MCMXLVIII?
  • Which of the following was born first?
  • Which of these singers was not born in Canada?

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