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  • Charles Stewart Rolls teamed up with which fellow car maker to found a famous motor company?
  • For which of these is the company La-Z-Boy best known for manufacturing?
  • In 1969 the share price of Australian mining company Poseidon soared after announcing a find of which metal?
  • In July 2004, Donald McGauchie was appointed chairman of which company?
  • In July 2004, who sued surfwear company Billabong over a bikini bearing his image?
  • In what year did Australian coach company Cobb & Co end its horsedrawn services?
  • Joseph Cyril Bamford founded which company, known for its earth-moving equipment?
  • Normally following a company's name is what abbreviation for 'limited'?
  • The Mary Coustas character Effie appears in ads for which phone company?
  • The subject of the documentary 'Super Size Me' eats nothing but the food of which company?
  • The Wooden O company performs the works of which playwright?
  • Which company makes the iPod music player?
  • Which company makes the TV soap 'Neighbours'?
  • Which company markets 'sensual lingerie' and 'naughty novelties'?
  • Which company runs the UK's national lottery - Lotto?
  • Which company was the target of a hostile $66 billion takeover bid in February 2004?
  • Which computer company was founded in 1976 by the Americans Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak?
  • Which department in a company is sometimes known as Human Resources?
  • Which of these companies was founded in 1888 as the Standard Oil Company?
  • Which of these is a German car manufacturing company?
  • Which of these was an Australian company that collapsed in 2001?
  • Which pop icon and actress became the new face of the clothing company GAP in July 2003?
  • Which sports retailing company was founded by Adolf Dassler?
  • Which sportswear company is named after a species of African antelope?
  • Which television company takes its name from two rivers in its area?

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