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  • Bastille Day is a national holiday of which country?
  • Facial stubble that appears before the end of the day is called 'a what shadow'?
  • Germania was the Roman name for which modern-day European country?
  • How many hours are there in a day?
  • In 2003, whose 44-day stunt in London cost over £64,000 to police?
  • In the film Bad Day At Black Rock Spencer Tracy’s character has only one what?
  • In which modern-day country is the site of the ancient city of Delphi?
  • Kept as an international holiday in honour of workers, what date is May Day?
  • On what, in every day use, do the words 'Decus et Tutamen' appear?
  • On which day in 1929 did a gangland massacre take place in Chicago?
  • On which day was the Scottish poet Robert Burns born?
  • On which saint's day was the Battle of Agincourt fought in 1415?
  • St Patrick's Day is celebrated annually on the 17th of which month?
  • The Melbourne Cup is run on what day of the week?
  • Vesper is an archaic term for which time of day?
  • What civilisation of present-day Mexico was conquered by the Spanish in the 1520s?
  • What did Mark Twain describe as 'the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year'?
  • What do we call the day before today?
  • What is the colloquialism for a day taken off work due to illness, whether genuine or feigned?
  • What is the day after Christmas Day called?
  • What name is given to the person who traditionally attends the groom on his wedding day?
  • Which actress’s character held down a day job as a welder in the 1983 film Flashdance?
  • Which day of the week is named after the Norse God of Thunder?
  • Which day of the week was disliked by the Boomtown Rats?
  • Which flower is traditionally associated with Remembrance Day?
  • Which of these rivers did George Washington cross on Christmas Day 1776?
  • Which patron saint's day falls on 23rd April?
  • Which present-day eastern European country was not part of the former USSR?
  • Which veteran actress won her first Tony award for her role in Long Day’s Journey Into Night?

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