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  • England's David Beckham is a superstar in which sport?
  • How was James VII of Scotland known in England?
  • In medieval England what was a palfrey?
  • Silverstone in England is a famous venue for which sport?
  • The head of the Court of Appeal in England and Wales is the Master of the ...?
  • The majority of which trees in southern England were wiped out by a 'Dutch' disease?
  • The Pilgrim Fathers sailed on which ship from Plymouth to establish the first colony in New England?
  • There are two Archbishops in the Church of England: Canterbury and ...?
  • What is the floral emblem of England?
  • What is the French word for England?
  • What links a 5th century AD invader of England and a fibre used to make sacks?
  • What was the most chosen name for baby boys in England and Wales in 2003?
  • Which award did the England cricketer Alec Stewart receive in the 2003 Birthday Honours List?
  • Which England football manager is associated with the phrase, 'Do I not like that!'?
  • Which goalkeeper is England's most capped footballer?
  • Which is the oldest cathedral building in England?
  • Which king of England succeeded Queen Anne?
  • Which king of England was the son of Sweyn I?
  • Which of the following is the southernmost point of mainland England?
  • Which of these is an inlet on the east coast of England?
  • Which organisation preserves monuments, buildings and areas of the countryside in England?
  • Who captained the England 1966 football World Cup winning side?
  • Who is the only woman to feature on the reverse of a current Bank of England bank note?
  • Who is the patron saint of England?
  • Who was the first king of all England?
  • With which part of England is the song 'Blaydon Races' primarily associated?

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