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  • By what name was the Eastern European Mutual Assistance Pact also known?
  • From which European country does feta cheese originate?
  • Germania was the Roman name for which modern-day European country?
  • In which European country are the Cantabrian Mountains?
  • In which European country is the port of Antwerp?
  • Lac Léman is the French name for which European lake?
  • Pinsk and Minsk are cities in which east European country?
  • The island of Corsica is part of which European country?
  • The Tiber is a river that flows through which European capital?
  • Thessaloníki is the second largest city of which European country?
  • What general name applies to European imitations of American westerns?
  • Which European capital city is the nearest to its country's mainland geographical centre?
  • Which European capital city stands on the river Vistula?
  • Which European capital city was previously known as Christiana?
  • Which European capital lies on the Vistula River?
  • Which European river flows through Lake Constance?
  • Which former British MP is a vice-president of the European Commission?
  • Which of these European capital cities has not hosted the Summer Olympics?
  • Which of these European countries is a republic?
  • Which of these European countries is part of Scandinavia?
  • Which of these is a European capital city?
  • Which of these is not a European river?
  • Which present-day eastern European country was not part of the former USSR?
  • Which Simpsons' character shares his name with an historic European region?
  • Which star's name is an anagram of a European country?
  • Which type of biscuit is also the name of a European royal house?
  • Who was allegedly the first European to find Greenland?

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