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  • A hammer and sickle used to feature on the flag of which country?
  • Each red and outlined in white, there are how many stars on the New Zealand flag?
  • How many rings appear on the Olympic flag?
  • How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?
  • In Formula 1 auto racing what are the colors of the checkered flag used to indicate the end of a race?
  • Maroon and white are the colours of which country's flag?
  • On which country's flag does the Dharma Chakra or Wheel of Law feature?
  • On which date is a star added to the US flag after a new state joins the Union?
  • The flag of Papua New Guinea is chiefly black and which other colour?
  • The flag of which country is simply a solid red circle on a white background?
  • The leaf of which tree is depicted on the national flag of Canada?
  • The national flag of which of these countries is not red, white and blue?
  • The Union Jack occupies which quadrant of the Australian flag?
  • What colour is the central and widest stripe on Thailand's flag?
  • What colour is the star on the flag of Vietnam?
  • What do the fifty stars on the flag of the United States represent?
  • What name is given to that part of a flag nearest the flagpole?
  • What shape is featured on the flag of China?
  • What term is used for the whole of the background of a flag?
  • Which colour does not appear on the Australian flag?
  • Which colour is not one of the three making up the Italian flag?
  • Which colour links 'army', 'tape' and 'flag'?
  • Which country's national flag provided the symbol for the Red Cross?
  • Which of these countries does not have a rectangular flag?
  • Which of these countries has horizontal as opposed to vertical stripes on its national flag?
  • Which saint's cross is not part of the Union Flag?
  • Which type of flag is also the name of the lowest commissioned officer in the US navy?

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