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  • Actor Peter Lorre, seen in 'Casablanca', was born within the former borders of which country?
  • Australian Pam Burridge is a former world champion in which sport?
  • Former asbestos supplier James Hardie relocated where in 2001?
  • In 2018 which former action star was named by the Russian president Vladimir Putin as a special humanitarian envoy to the U.S.?
  • Ken Lay is the disgraced former CEO of which US corporation?
  • The 2017 Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award went to what actress former talk show host and head of Harpo Films?
  • The former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher was known by what nickname?
  • The former punk singer John Lydon was known on stage as Johnny ...?
  • The Royal Air Force Museum is situated on the site of which former airfield?
  • What is the first name of former President Bill Clinton's daughter?
  • What is the former name of Ghana?
  • What is the name of Donald Trump’s former wife?
  • What nationality is the former Derby County striker Fabrizio Ravanelli?
  • What was the former name of Ho Chi Minh City?
  • Which former African dictator died in Saudi Arabia in August 2003?
  • Which former British MP is a vice-president of the European Commission?
  • Which former cricketer is affectionately known as 'Beefy'?
  • Which former Friends cast member directed the film Run Fatboy Run?
  • Which former Soviet state shares its name with a state of the USA?
  • Which of these is a former British coin?
  • Which of these is the penal system of labor camps in the former Soviet Union?
  • Which present-day eastern European country was not part of the former USSR?
  • With which American outlaw does Sandra Bullock’s former husband share his name?

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