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  • Alberto Tomba was a great Italian what?
  • August 16th 2003 was the 40th anniversary of which 'Great' robbery?
  • Christoph Gluck was a great 18th-century German what?
  • Christopher Columbus was a great what?
  • Founded by the Romans, what is the capital city of Great Britain?
  • Great English poet Lord Byron died in which country in 1824?
  • In tennis, who took over as Great Britain's Davis Cup captain in 2000?
  • Jainism has the most in common with which of these great religions?
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a great 19th-century emperor of which country?
  • Nimrod, Noah's great grandson, was renowned for his skill as what?
  • Something mediocre can be described as 'no great ...'?
  • The book All Creatures Great and Small was based on the daily life of a what?
  • The city of Mecca is the spiritual centre of which great religion?
  • The great US comedian Bob Hope died in 2003 shortly after reaching what age?
  • Toronto is the main port of which of the Great Lakes?
  • What nationality was the great 17th-century painter Jan Vermeer?
  • What type of victory is won at such great cost that it's tantamount to defeat?
  • What was the first name of the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens, also an author?
  • Where was great 20th-century composer Aram Khachaturian born?
  • Which adjective best describes someone who feels great guilt?
  • Which ancient Greek philosopher was also a great mathematician?
  • Which great 19th-century French painter had the given names Jean-Auguste-Dominique?
  • Which great artist painted the landmark 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon'
  • Which great commander won the Battle of Austerlitz?
  • Which great composer penned the famous 'Moonlight' sonata?
  • Which great river is nicknamed 'Old Man River'?
  • Which great Trojan hero was killed by Achilles?
  • Which is not one of the Great Lakes of North America?
  • Which is not one of the three steamships built by great 19th-century engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel?
  • Which is the only province situated on the Canadian shores of the Great Lakes?
  • Which of North America’s five Great Lakes lies furthest west?
  • Which of North America's Great Lakes is also the name of a US state?
  • Which of North America's Great Lakes is the largest?
  • Which of these is not one of the Great Lakes of North America?
  • Which of these is one of the Great Lakes?

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