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  • In Greek myth everything that King Midas touched turned into what?
  • In Greek Mythology Hades ruled which of these?
  • In Greek mythology, Helios was the god of the what?
  • In Greek mythology, what was the monstrous three-headed watchdog guarding the entrance to Hades?
  • In Greek mythology, which bird was given the hundred eyes of Argus after his death?
  • In Greek mythology which river surrounds the Underworld?
  • In Greek mythology who unwittingly killed his father and married his mother?
  • In Greek mythology, who was the mother of Oedipus?
  • In Greek mythology, whose box contained all the evils of the world?
  • The name for a collection of letters used to make words, comes from which two Greek letters?
  • The Parthenon in Athens is dedicated to which Greek goddess?
  • To which group of Greek islands does Kalymnos belong?
  • What is the main ingredient of the Greek dish taramasalata?
  • What was the name of the winged horse of Greek mythology?
  • Which ancient Greek philosopher was also a great mathematician?
  • Which animal does not make up part of the body of the Greek mythological chimera?
  • Which Australian animal's name is derived from the Greek for 'flat-footed'?
  • Which city's name is derived from the Greek meaning 'three towns'?
  • Which Greek island gives its name to a variety of lettuce?
  • Which letter of the Greek alphabet is also a racehorse that won the 1951 Melbourne Cup?
  • Which male name is derived from the Greek for 'rock'?
  • Which of the following is a famous Greek dramatist?
  • Which of the following is a legendary Greek hero?
  • Which of these is a Greek name for the hero of classical legend Hercules?
  • Which of these is a Greek white wine?
  • Which of these was a feature of classical Greek drama?
  • Who is the Greek quivalent of the Roman god Mars?
  • Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Athena?

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