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  • Comis artist Steve Ditko who died in July 2018 was best known as the co-creator with Stan Lee of which Marvel suuperhero?
  • In Australia, July is part of which season?
  • In July 2004, Donald McGauchie was appointed chairman of which company?
  • In July 2004 the US Congress approved a free-trade deal with which country?
  • In July 2004, who sued surfwear company Billabong over a bikini bearing his image?
  • In July 2018 the city of Seattle banned the use of which of these items?
  • It was announced in July 2018 that Nicole Maines will play Nia Nal TV’s first transgender superhero on which series?
  • On July 29th 2003, the last original 'bug' model of which VW car was rolled out in Mexico City?
  • On July 4/ 2018 a woman protesting U.S. immigration policy was rescued after trying to scale which landmark?
  • Prisoner FF8282 walked free from prison on 21st July 2003: by what name is he better known?
  • What song did Cherie Blair sing to students at a Hong Kong university in July 2003?
  • Which country pulled its troops out of Iraq in July 2004?
  • Which Irish actor received an honorary OBE in July 2003?
  • Which note ceased to be legal tender in the UK on July 31st 2003?
  • Which pop icon and actress became the new face of the clothing company GAP in July 2003?
  • Which popular soul singer died aged 58, in July 2003?
  • Which veteran rock star underwent emergency heart surgery in July 2004?
  • Who or what finally travelled at over 200mph in the UK in July 2003?
  • Who parted from her husband David Gest in July 2003, just 16 months after their glitzy wedding?

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