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  • According to legend, what shape was King Arthur's table?
  • According to legend what was Merlin’s job at King Arthur’s court?
  • According to legend where was King Arthur’s court?
  • Harald V became king of which country in 1991?
  • In Greek myth everything that King Midas touched turned into what?
  • In the Shakespeare play 'Hamlet', who is the king of Denmark?
  • King Minos was the legendary king of which island?
  • Marie-Antoinette was the wife and queen of which French king named Louis?
  • The dissolution of the monasteries occurred during the reign of which king?
  • The Wars of the Roses ended soon after the death in battle of which English king?
  • What is the French for 'king'?
  • What kind of animal is the famous film character King Kong?
  • Where was the US civil rights leader Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968?
  • Which animal is known as the King of the Beasts?
  • Which anniversary of the original translation of the King James Bible was celebrated in 2011?
  • Which English king was victorious at 1415's Battle of Agincourt?
  • Which king granted the Magna Carta in 1215?
  • Which king of England succeeded Queen Anne?
  • Which king of England was the son of Sweyn I?
  • Which king's alleged last words were 'let not poor Nelly starve'?
  • Which of these did Old King Cole not call for?
  • Which of these is a legendary British king who is said to have drawn a sword from a stone?
  • Which of these was a British king?
  • Which of these words means the formal resignation of a king or queen?
  • Which piece of furniture is associated witht the legendary King Arthur and his knights?
  • Which Shakespeare character was a real 11th century British king?
  • Which suffragette threw herself under King George V's horse in 1913?
  • Who was the first king of all England?
  • With which pop star did Tim Rice co-write the lyrics and music for the film The Lion King?
  • Zeus is the king of the gods in which mythology?
  • Zog I was king of which country from 1928 to 1939?

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