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  • Buffay is the last name of which Friends character on TV?
  • Ciccone is the last name of which singer?
  • Complete the title of the Oscar-nominated film starring Tom Cruise, 'The Last ...'?
  • Concorde flew its last commecial passenger flight in which year?
  • Concorde flew its last commercial passenger flight in which year?
  • Culloden, the last major battle on British soil, was fought in which century?
  • In which year was the last successful invasion of Britain?
  • On July 29th 2003, the last original 'bug' model of which VW car was rolled out in Mexico City?
  • Prior to Bill Clinton, who was the last Democrat US president?
  • Sir Earle Page was briefly prime minister of Australia in which decade of last century?
  • The last words of which Shakespeare character are The rest is silence?
  • The reputed last words of which famous composer were 'I shall hear in heaven'?
  • The siege of which town was the last major battle of the American Revolution?
  • What name is given to an artist's last performance?
  • What runs from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October?
  • What was the twelfth and last month in the French Revolutionary calendar?
  • When did Halley's Comet first make its appearance to the naked eye last century?
  • Which actress stars in the 2001 film 'Save the Last Dance'?
  • Which king's alleged last words were 'let not poor Nelly starve'?
  • Which liner began her last voyage on May 1st 1915?
  • Which of these art movements developed last?
  • Which was the the last battleship to serve with the Royal Navy?
  • Who was the last Roman Catholic monarch of Britain?
  • Who was the last vice-president of the USA to become president?
  • Whose supposed last words were 'you will find Calais lying in my heart?

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