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  • According to the saying 'a man's house is his' - what?
  • At which site in ancient Greece did the gods answer Man's questions?
  • Complete the title of the Michael Caine & Sean Connery film, 'The Man who would be ...'?
  • In Egyptian mythology, what had the head of a man and the body of a lion?
  • In October 2003, which became the third nation to put a man into space?
  • In October 2003 which of these countries became the third nation to put a man into space?
  • In the 1980s, the AA ran a campaign with the slogan, 'But I know a man who ...'?
  • In the comics what was Spider-Man’s real name?
  • In the rhyme, on the road to where, was the man with seven wives?
  • In the USA, for which organisation would a 'G-man' work?
  • In which year did Yuri Gagarin become the first man to travel in space?
  • Lac Léman is the French name for which European lake?
  • The first man in space was from which country?
  • The man who opened a brewery in Dublin in 1759 was Arthur who?
  • What term is used for a young man who takes part in rowdy and boorish group behaviour?
  • What was the nationality of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin?
  • Which bank was 'broken' by the man in a Victorian music-hall song?
  • Which country music legend, known as 'the man in black', died in September 2003?
  • Which great river is nicknamed 'Old Man River'?
  • Which 'Man' was Robinson Crusoe's companion on his desert island?
  • Which of these brand-names is derived from the Latin for 'strength of man'?
  • Which of these is a term for a typically average man?
  • Which of these is used for an ineffectual young upper-class man?
  • Which of these would you find on a man’s bicycle?
  • Which RAF aircraft shares its name with a mythological strong man?
  • Which stone did primitive man mainly use for making tools and starting fires?
  • Which US astronaut was the third man to walk on the moon?
  • Who played the brother of the autistic character Raymond Babbit in the film Rain Man?

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