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  • A plectrum is used in conjunction with which type of musical instrument?
  • At which fictional school is the musical 'Grease' set?
  • Based on the Puccini opera 'Madama Butterfly' is the hit musical 'Miss what'?
  • In which musical did Patric Swayze make his West End debut in 2006?
  • In which musical does Maria marry Captain Von Trapp?
  • On a musical score the word rallentando means becoming what?
  • Referring to the musical instrument piano is a shortened form of which word?
  • What actor released the 2018 hit This Is America under the name of his musical alter ego Childish Gambino?
  • What is the title of Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s musical about Eva Peron?
  • What links a musical, and the device on which your luggage appears at the airport?
  • Which famous Manhattan street is also the title of a musical?
  • Which is a 1986 musical with lyrics by Tim Rice?
  • Which musical features the characters Brad a hero and Janet a heroine?
  • Which musical is based on the life and death of the wife of General Juan Perón?
  • Which musical, with lyrics by Ben Elton, opened in London in 2000?
  • Which of the following is a 1960 Lionel Bart musical?
  • Which of these is a musical instrument?
  • Which of these is a song from the musical Annie?
  • Which of these is a song from the musical Show Boat?
  • Which of these is a three-stringed musical instrument?
  • Which of these is not used to describe a musical note?
  • Which of these orchestral musical instruments is stringed?
  • Who composed the popular musical piece 'Boléro' in 1928?
  • With which musical instrument is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan most associated?

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