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  • A cobbler is a person who mends which items of clothing?
  • A marksman is a person skilled at what?
  • A person born within the sound of Bow Bells in London is known as what?
  • A person who slavishly buys the latest clothes is a 'fashion ...'?
  • A VIP is a 'very what person'?
  • An older person is sometimes described as 'long in the ...'?
  • Especially by children, a person easily scared is known as a fraidy-what?
  • Hawley Harvey were the first names of which infamous person?
  • In January 2003, 23-year-old Andrew Cooney became the youngest person to walk to where?
  • Keith Hellawell was the first person to hold which post?
  • The name of which fruit is often used to mean an unwanted third person?
  • The situation wherein a person dies without leaving a will is called what?
  • What is the nationality of a person born and brought up in Puerto Rico?
  • What name is given to a person who imitates another?
  • What name is given to a person who turns animal skins into leather?
  • What name is given to the person who traditionally attends the groom on his wedding day?
  • What term describes a person who is in low spirits?
  • Which bird is used to typify a gluttonous person?
  • Which colloquially describes a person or matter of little or no importance?
  • Which creature symbolises a secretly teacherous person?
  • Which is a weakness in a person's character?
  • Which noun best describes a person intolerant towards those who think differently?
  • Which of the following is the American term for a rustic or country person?
  • Which of these is a person under medical supervision?
  • Which of these is a person who performs tricks that deceive the eye?
  • Which of these is a slang term for a mean person?
  • Which of these is both a person who chooses to live alone, and a type of crab?
  • Which of these is the key person in some situation?
  • Which of these letters is not represented by a person's forename in the NATO alphabet?
  • Which person would normally wear a diadem on his or her head?
  • Which term denotes a person who is tactful in negotiations?
  • Which type of bag is a person who talks too much?
  • Who in 1964, was the first person other than royalty, to appear on a British postage stamp?

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