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  • According to the Sunday Times Rich List, which author became richer than the Queen in 2003?
  • Founded in 1859 Queensland was names after which British queen?
  • Husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is Prince who?
  • In Athurian legend, which knight had a love affair with Queen Guinevere?
  • In the Star Wars film series, Amidala is the queen of which world?
  • Loved by Julius Caesar and Mark Antony was Cleopatra, Queen of where?
  • Marie-Antoinette was the wife and queen of which French king named Louis?
  • Mary, Queen of Scots was executed at which of the following castles?
  • To which queen's husband is the Albert Memorial dedicated?
  • Traditionally, which knight of the Round Table was the lover of Queen Guinevere?
  • What did Jamie Oliver leave behind when he collected his MBE from the Queen in October 2003?
  • What is the first name of the Queen of the Netherlands?
  • What relation was Elizabeth I to Mary, Queen of Scots?
  • Which Jubilee did the Queen celebrate in 2002?
  • Which king of England succeeded Queen Anne?
  • Which of Queen Elizabeth II's children was married to Diana, Princess of Wales?
  • Which of these is a private residence of the Queen?
  • Which of these words means the formal resignation of a king or queen?
  • Which Queen song features the lyric I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies like a tiger?
  • Which queen was called 'Gloriana'?
  • Who in the Bible was chosen by Xerxes I to be his queen?
  • Who was nominated for an Oscar for playing Queen Victoria in 1997?

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