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  • By which part of his body was Achilles held when he was dipped in the River Styx?
  • Flowing north and west for some 1,000 kilometres, what is the longest river in France?
  • In Greek mythology which river surrounds the Underworld?
  • Niagara Falls on the border between the U.S. and Canada are situated on which river?
  • On which continent is the world's longest river?
  • On which continent is the Yukon River located?
  • On which river does the city of Cairo stand?
  • On which river does the city of Leeds stand?
  • On which river is the world's largest movable flood barrier?
  • The ancient city ruins of Nineveh are located on the river Tigris opposite which Iraqi city?
  • The Menindee Lakes system is on which Australian river?
  • The river Forth rises on the slopes of which Scottish peak?
  • The Seine River flows into which body of water?
  • The Tiber is a river that flows through which European capital?
  • The U.S. city of Minneapolis stands on which river?
  • What is an alternative name for the Limpopo River?
  • What is the name of two bridges, one road and one rail, spanning the river Thames in London?
  • What is the only Australian state capital situated on a river of the same name?
  • What name is given to the vast gorge cut by the Colorado River in Arizona?
  • Which colors are used to refer to the two branches of the Nile River?
  • Which European capital city stands on the river Vistula?
  • Which European capital lies on the Vistula River?
  • Which European river flows through Lake Constance?
  • Which French city stands on the river Meurthe?
  • Which great river is nicknamed 'Old Man River'?
  • Which is the longest river wholly in Canada?
  • Which of these capital cities stands at the mouth of the River Plate?
  • Which of these is an island group situated in North America’s St. Lawrence river?
  • Which of these is an obstruction built across a river?
  • Which of these is not a European river?
  • Which popstar/actress shares her name with a river in France?
  • Which river rises in the Black Forest and flows into the Black Sea?
  • Which river was so named by the Spanish because of its red colour?
  • Which salad dressing is named after a group of islands in the St Lawrence river?
  • With which fish is the river Spey in Scotland particularly associated?

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