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  • Algeria has a coastline on which sea?
  • Australia's highly venomous box jellyfish is also called the sea what?
  • Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea all have shores on which sea?
  • Hammerhead and thresher are varieties of which sea creature?
  • In what unit is speed measured at sea?
  • In which sea do the Cyclades islands lie?
  • On which sea does Romania have a coastline?
  • Sea parrot is an alternative name for which bird?
  • The Beaufort Sea is an arm of which ocean?
  • The Gulf of Riga is an arm of the Baltic Sea between Latvia and which other country?
  • The Inland Sea is part of which country?
  • The island of Cuba lies in which sea?
  • The island of Jamaica lies which sea?
  • The shoreline of which sea is the lowest point on the Earth's surface?
  • What is the Scottish word for a lake or sea inlet one of which is allegedly home to an aquatic monster named Nessie?
  • What is the Scottish word for a lake or sea inlet one of which is allegedly home to an equatic monster named Nessie?
  • What name is given to a golf course situated by the sea?
  • Which body of water is an arm of the Arabian Sea?
  • Which Central American country does not face the Caribbean Sea?
  • Which is a shipping forecast area in the North Sea?
  • Which of Australia's neighbours lies across the Tasman Sea?
  • Which of these is a sea between Canada and Greenland?
  • Which peninsula has coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez?
  • Which river rises in the Black Forest and flows into the Black Sea?
  • Which sea did the Israelites cross on escaping from Egypt?
  • Which sea lies between Africa and Europe?
  • Who captained the Nautilus in the film '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea'?

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