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  • An American TV reality show set in Australia is 'Outback who'?
  • Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson star in the 2004 film version of which TV cop show?
  • Complete the title of the 2003 BAFTA-winning show, 'I'm a Celebrity: ...'?
  • In 2003 five years after his death a virtual creation of which of these performers appeared in a Broadway show?
  • In the title of a popular TV show what type of monster does Buffy slay?
  • In which classic film did the Mini Cooper steal the show?
  • Spike Milligan wrote and starred in which cult radio show of the 1950s?
  • The 2017 Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award went to what actress former talk show host and head of Harpo Films?
  • The final episode of which TV show was entitled 'Goodbye, Farewell and Amen'?
  • The Livid rock festival began as a show for local acts in which city?
  • The TV show Hollywood Squares is played like which of these classic games?
  • What is the name of the long-running hit TV show that starred Jennifer Aniston among five others?
  • What term is used for an insincere show of grief?
  • Where do you proverbially wear your heart, if you show your true feelings?
  • Which game show features the catchphrase Come on down!
  • Which game show has been presented by Paul Kaye?
  • Which of these is a long-running TV current-affairs show?
  • Which of these is a song from the musical Show Boat?
  • Which of these was a BBC early morning chat show?
  • Which show took place between 6th-9th March 2004 at the NEC, Birmingham?
  • Who were 'In Pieces' in a BBC sketch show of the 1990s?

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