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  • A mason is someone who works primarily with which material?
  • If someone is described as Caledonian where do the come from?
  • If someone is described as nicely turned out it means that they are which of the following?
  • In which book would someone make a record of appointments?
  • In which kind of book would someone make a record of appointments?
  • Someone capable, is said to have 'a safe pair of ...'?
  • Someone described as mendacious is which of these?
  • Someone given an unwelcome responsibility is said to be left holding what?
  • Someone who is very busy is sometimes compared to which insect?
  • Someone with a disreputable character is often referred to as a 'bad ...'?
  • Someone with a low opinion of him or herself is said to have what kind of complex?
  • Supposedly resulting in the damnation of someone's soul are the how-many deadly sins?
  • The expression feel the burn is often used of someone who is doing what vigorously?
  • To do as someone else has done is to follow in their what?
  • What do we call someone who rides a bicycle?
  • What do you proverbially 'make' at someone if you flirt with them?
  • What has someone described as nouveau riche recently acquired?
  • What is the name for someone who treats damaged trees to preserve them?
  • What metaphorically, would you hand to someone as a gesture of peace?
  • What name is given to someone learning a skill or trade from his employer?
  • What name is given to someone who makes, transports or sells something illicit?
  • What word means 'someone who continues to work when others are on strike'?
  • What would you proverbially do to someone's leg when deceiving them?
  • Which abbreviation is a measure of someone's intelligence?
  • Which adjective best describes someone who feels great guilt?
  • Which of these is someone who assists at a baby’s birth?
  • Which of these words describes someone who is careful with money?
  • Which of these words refers to someone knowledgeable or enthusiastic about a subject?
  • Which of these words refers to the freeing of someone who is enslaved?
  • Which two letters indicate that someone is a Member of Parliament?
  • You might ask someone who won't speak: what got your tongue?

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