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  • According to the song by Burt Bacharach, what 'Keep Fallin' On My Head'?
  • According to the title of a Beatles song, how many days are there in a week?
  • Elton John had a hit with the song Goodbye Yellow Brick… what?
  • 'Half of what I say is meaningless' is the first line of which Beatles song?
  • In the Elvis Presley song what is at the end of 'Lonely Street'?
  • In the famous song, to where did Frank Sinatra ask to be flown?
  • In the song by Paul Simon, how many ways are there to leave your lover?
  • In the title of a well-known children’s song what type of magical creatures is Puff?
  • In the traditional Australian song, who or what went 'waltzing'?
  • The song 'Bhangra Knights vs Husan' was featured on a TV commercial for which car?
  • What is a song of established popularity called?
  • What song did Cherie Blair sing to students at a Hong Kong university in July 2003?
  • What sort of Wonderland features in the title of Felix Bernard’s classic Christmas song?
  • Which bank was 'broken' by the man in a Victorian music-hall song?
  • Which 'cocktail' won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK?
  • Which country has the dubious honour of having won the Eurovision Song Contest on seven occasions?
  • Which film features the song 'You're the One That I Want'?
  • Which of these is a hit song by the Beach Boys?
  • Which of these is a song from the musical Annie?
  • Which of these is a song from the musical Show Boat?
  • Which popular dance of the 1930s was the inspiration for a Cole Porter song?
  • Which Queen song features the lyric I’m a shooting star leaping through the skies like a tiger?
  • Which soap's theme song, entitled 'Always There', was a chart hit for Marti Webb in 1986?
  • Which was a huge hit song for Australian band Men at Work?
  • Who has not won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland?
  • Who sings the title song from the film For Your Eyes Only?
  • Who won Favourite Novelty Song with 'The Cheeky Song' at the 2003 National Music Awards?
  • With which part of England is the song 'Blaydon Races' primarily associated?
  • Written by Cole Porter was the song 'what the Beguine'?

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