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  • Asuncion is the capital and largest city of which South American country?
  • In the American Civil War the north was the Union and the south was what?
  • In which movie did South African dancer Juliet Prowse co-star with Frank Sinatra?
  • In which South American country is Dutch an official language?
  • Land's End is the south-western point of which country of the UK?
  • Near which of these New South Wales towns is there a powerful radio telescope?
  • On which continent is the geographical South Pole?
  • Santiago is the capital of which South American country?
  • The South American country of Guyana has what official language?
  • The South American piranha is a type of what?
  • What is the telephone area code for most of New South Wales?
  • What is the telephone area code for Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory?
  • What name was given to South Africans of Dutch descent?
  • What Strait separates New Zealand's North and South islands?
  • What term applies to Central and South America?
  • Where is the arts complex known as the South Bank?
  • Which is a South American capital city?
  • Which is not a South African city?
  • Which is the only south coast port from which you can catch a ferry to Dieppe?
  • Which of the following South African cities is not a port?
  • Which of these is a large flightless bird from South America?
  • Which of these is on the south coast of Cornwall?
  • Which of these U.S. presidents is not carved on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota?
  • Which South American capital city's name means 'fair winds' in Spanish?
  • Which town in South Australia takes its name from an Aboriginal throwing stick?
  • Which word follows 'North' and 'South' to give the names of two continents?

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