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  • According to the three witches which of these titles would not be bestowed on Macbeth?
  • America's Apollo lunar missions were sent into space aboard the three-stage what rocket?
  • Educationally, the three Rs stand for reading, writing and what?
  • In 2003, as what did Prince Harry work in his first three months in Australia?
  • In Greek mythology, what was the monstrous three-headed watchdog guarding the entrance to Hades?
  • In mythology, Tisiphone, Alecto and Megaera were known as the 'Three ... ?
  • In the Bible where did the Three Wise Men come from?
  • Made in 1987 was the US film 'Three Men and a what'?
  • Rheumatoid, osteo and septic are the three main forms of which affliction?
  • Traditionally, the Three Wise Men did not present which of these gifts to the infant Jesus?
  • What goes before 'setter', 'terrier' and 'wolfhound' to make three breeds of dog?
  • What word precedes 'Warriors', 'Master' and 'Child' in the subtitles of three Freddy Krueger films?
  • Which city does not host the Three Choirs Festival?
  • Which city's name is derived from the Greek meaning 'three towns'?
  • Which colour is not one of the three making up the Italian flag?
  • Which is not one of the three steamships built by great 19th-century engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel?
  • Which of these is a three-stringed musical instrument?
  • Which slow-moving animal has two-toed and three-toed varieties?
  • Which TV policeman appeared in the same raincoat in all but three episodes?
  • Who is the heroine of the children's story 'The Three Bears'?
  • Who wrote the 1901 play 'The Three Sisters'?

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