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  • An overseas department of France, the island of Réunion is in which ocean?
  • Australia competes against which country for rugby union's Bledisloe Cup?
  • How many points are awarded for a drop goal in rugby union?
  • In the American Civil War the north was the Union and the south was what?
  • On which date is a star added to the US flag after a new state joins the Union?
  • The Grand Union Canal runs between London and which other city?
  • The incorrectly spelled State of the Union meant tickets had to be reprinted for a 2018 speech given by whom?
  • The NUJ is the National Union of what?
  • The Union Jack occupies which quadrant of the Australian flag?
  • What does the 'T' stand for in the trade union NUT?
  • When was the African Union established, as the Organization of African Unity?
  • Which colour does not appear on the Union Jack?
  • Which country does not participate in rugby union's Tri-Nations competition?
  • Which country is the newest member of rugby union's Six Nations Championship?
  • Which country's national rugby union team is nicknamed the Wallabies?
  • Which of these is a Scottish rugby union club?
  • Which of these is the penal system of labor camps in the former Soviet Union?
  • Which of these was an alliance formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  • Which position in rugby union is normally known just by its number?
  • Which rock star's son presents 'Union Jack', a 30-minute slot in Channel 4's 'T4 Sunday'?
  • Which saint's cross is not part of the Union Flag?

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