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  • In 1888, which became the first country town in Australia to use electricity for street lighting?
  • In July 2018 the city of Seattle banned the use of which of these items?
  • In which of the following fields would you use the term 'a cappella'?
  • In which of these sports would you make use of the backboard?
  • In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent?
  • On what, in every day use, do the words 'Decus et Tutamen' appear?
  • On which of the following might you use an f-number?
  • Traditionally, people use their feet to extract juice from which fruit?
  • What prop do ventriloquists normally have to use in their act?
  • What were racing jockeys refused permission to use in the summer of 2003 by the Jockey Club?
  • What word do Americans use to describe the wing of a motor car?
  • Which activity requires the use of a needle?
  • Which animal did Hannibal use to cross the Alps?
  • Which code is a set of rules and information concerning the use of public roads in the UK?
  • Which country residence is for the use of the Chancellor?
  • Which of the following is most likely to use a mason jar?
  • Which of these acronyms would be of most use to an articulated lorry?
  • Which of these is the name of a large American vehicle adapted from military use?
  • Which of these is TV personality Jamie Oliver most likely to use?
  • Which of these organizations would most commonly use a vessel known as an aircraft carrier?
  • Which of these would be of most use if you wanted to play poker?
  • Which sport does not involve the use of racquets?
  • Which stone did primitive man mainly use for making tools and starting fires?
  • Which type of jump requires the use of an elastic cord?
  • Which would you use for telling the future?
  • Who would make best use of a Moog synthesiser?
  • Who would normally use a paletter knife?

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